Community Members

Are you a community member passionate about ending the stigma around mental health conditions, and making sure your community knows where to turn if they need mental health support? 

We're here to equip you with the tools, resources, and educational presentations that can help you end the stigma around mental illness, right where you are. Click on the tabs below to learn more about just a few of the different kinds of organizations we partner with. You can also visit our What We Do Community Education page to check out some of the different presentations we offer.

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8 in 10 workers who live with a mental health condition say that shame and stigma prevent them from seeking help.

What’s the first step companies can take? Start by listening, with an open mind and without judgment.

NAMI Metro can help your workplace begin an honest and open conversation about mental health. NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore can work with your company to design a campaign that addresses your unique workplace needs. To see a full listing of our offerings, click here.

You can learn more about our corporate presentations when you click the image below to download our Corporate Brochure. 

Community MEMBERS